The Ten Commandments of the Everest Base Camp Trek (guest post #2 post by Alex Bergin)

Posted 24 September 2019

Alex Bergin is a highly experienced expedition leader, holder of the International Mountain Leader qualification and a member of the Wilderness Guides Association. Below he gives us his Top Ten Tips for… Find out more

A Guide to Kilimanjaro (guest post by Alex Bergin)

Posted 19 July 2019

With Comic Relief’s celebrity adventurers once again putting Kilimanjaro in the spotlight back in March, we asked International Mountain Leader and expedition guide Alex Bergin for his advice on tackling… Find out more

Tundra Barn Sale 2019. Red Edition! SAVE 20% on Crimson (red) sleeping bags!

Posted 13 April 2019

A recent order of cloth we received from our supplier, Toray of Japan, was wrongly delivered in crimson (red) rather than black. We have finally received our black cloth which means we can restart production… Find out more

10% and Tee

Posted 18 March 2019

Does it feel like we have been in hibernation this winter? We thought it was about time you heard from us again being that it is now the middle of March, and Spring is well upon us here in the UK. We’ve… Find out more

Winter Wilderness Time

Posted 29 September 2018

Everyone has their favourite places and Hardangervidda National Park, the largest mountain plateau in Europe, is one of ours. The place has a great history with famous Norwegian Fritoft Nansen crossing… Find out more

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