Posted 15 September 2020

We have all been suffering this virus and as the situation improves, we wanted to improve our offering. Now as the possibility of travelling opens, we need to have a greater selection of Sleeping bags that you can use from the summer zero bag to the deep winter -40.

We have halted the narrow “Barn Sale” for Red Pure & Dry bags but have made a new offer of:

Buy one get 10% with the discount code TUNDRA10


Buy two get 20% with the discount code TUNDRA20

We thought this was a fairer offer to suit the changing circumstances and allow couples to travel together.

Zip two bags together!

All our Pure and Pure & Dry bags use the same zipper so you can fasten all three (180-195-210) sizes together. Just order whichever size you want, one in LH and one in RH and dispense with the blanket!

These may make it tough to socially distance but who knows what the future will bring.

Zip Bags