Posted 22 November 2020

The Simply Green range is designed specifically with Bushcraft enthusiasts and rescue teams in mind.

This generous sized mummy bag is filled with highly effective, American made continuous filament synthetic fibre. It features two full length side zippers that allow easy access when you are tired after a hard day’s work in sub-zero temperatures.

SImple Green 2
SImple Green Sleeping Bag

The superbly designed Simply Green bag is a generous sized mummy bag featuring two full length side zippers. This design allows easy access when you are tired after a hard day’s work in sub-zero temperatures. It allows you to sit in the bag, to prepare and eat a meal under a tarp and relax near a warm fire. The zippers are a locking style so they do not track down with movement during the night so you can sleep warmer and rest better. There is substantial internal storage (pockets) as well, for ultimate convenience. In a rescue scenario, the dual zipper design allows doctors/paramedics to quickly and comfortably transfer their patient to the warmth of the sleeping bag and allows them easy access thereafter to provide that crucial emergency treatment often required.

For Bushcraft use, the Simply Green sleeping bag provides a warm comfortable sleep, a terrific range of movement and a simple, easy access to the bag when tired.

Simply Green
Simply Green

Our Simply Green bags are filled with a synthetic filling called Climashield® which is an American made continuous filament fibre that holds its shape through multiple compressions and washings. The lining and outer fabrics are both, like Climashield® designed in the US to withstand hard use. This bag was originally £180.00 and is now offered at £60.00 inc postage.

This offer is unavailable through the online shop, please send an email to listing your name, address and phone number and we will send you an invoice you can pay by BACS or Paypal.