Posted 22 April 2017

That’s right, our Zip together offer is back!

With Spring well upon us here in Europe we celebrate the fact that our ethical down sleeping bags can be zipped together.

We’re offering a 20% discount when you purchase two or more sleeping bags via our website before 15th June 2017. Simply enter the promo code sovgott at the checkout to receive your discount on a qualifying basket.

The offer is valid on any combination purchase from our Supalite, Pure and Pure & Dry sleeping bag ranges, or indeed the brand new Arctic Elite sleeping bag.

Please note: If you wish to be able to zip two Tundra sleeping bags together, you will need to pair two opposing zipper sleeping bags. I.e. one left-hand (LH) zipper sleeping bag and one right-hand (RH) zipper sleeping bag. You can however mix the Pure & Pure & Dry models and also pair different lengths of sleeping bag (as the zippers are the same length on each). Find out more about zipping sleeping bags together or the difference between LH and RH zippers here.

Whether the bags you want zip together or not, our offer is valid on any combination of ethical down sleeping bag offered on our website. You could therefore save by purchasing a Pure & Dry -30 for your next winter expedition and a Supalite Minimis for summer travelling.

A popular combination though tends to be two Pure -5 or two Pure & Dry -5 sleeping bags. Once again, you have the perfect opportunity to get yourself and a partner or friend ready for your next adventure.

So as the Scandinavians say; Sov Gott (Sleep well)!