Posted 13 April 2019

A recent order of cloth we received from our supplier, Toray of Japan, was wrongly delivered in crimson (red) rather than black. We have finally received our black cloth which means we can restart production on all our sleeping bags. However, now we have far too much Pure & Dry waterproof fabric in the crimson colour!

To correct the overstock of crimson fabric we are offering a 20% discount on crimson Pure & Dry sleeping bags, the Arctic Elite sleeping bag in crimson and the Expedition Jacket, also in crimson. Discount only available from our Barn Sale page.

All products are made to order so if you are in the market for a brand new sleeping bag and you would happen to like it in crimson (red) - order from this page only for a substantial discount. Not in conjuction with any other offer or promotion. Please contact us on for specific lead times.