We only use Toray fabrics as we believe them to be the best available.

For the outer of the PURE models we use a very lightweight fabric with a light proofing. We do not need to use Down-Proof fabrics as our ETHICAL down cannot escape through the nylon away from the bag. Our Down is approx. 96/4 down and Feather.

The Pure fabric is nylon weighing 37 gr/metre. It is not the lightest possible fabric but lighter fabrics are often quite delicate and translucent.

The Pure and Dry Fabric is a Toray Delfy laminated Nylon fabric which is waterproof supporting a 10,000 m water column and breathable to 10000 g/m2/24h. Pure & Dry weighs 73 gr/metre.

The Pure and Dry fabric is used in our Pure and Dry sleeping bags, the Expedition Standard Arctic Elite Sleeping bag and the Expedition Standard Jacket.

Both these fabrics are a micro rip-stop MATT finished nylon.

You can find out more on the Toray Textiles Europe website.

We only use YKK Zippers in our Sleeping Bags as they perform the best in the world. We have never known a YKK zipper fail unlike some copies or cheaper version.

All the zippers in our Pure and Pure & Dry bags are the same type and the same length so they can be zipped together to make a double sleeping bag if you buy a LH and a RH. As other manufacturers use the same zipper it is likely they could also be zipped together with a TUNDRA bag.

You can find out more about YKK Zippers on their website here: https://www.ykkfastening.com/.