We only use Toray fabrics as we believe them to be the best available.

For the outer of the PURE models we use a very lightweight fabric with a light proofing. We do not need to use Down-Proof fabrics as our ETHICAL down cannot escape through the nylon away from the bag. Our Down is approx. 96/4 down and Feather.

In Europe if your filling is 85% down and 15% feathers legally you can call it 100% down. In the US it is 80/20

Users of this level of blend, (85/15-80/20), need to use a “Feather Proof” fabric to prevent the spines of the feathers pushing their way out. However this fabric is called “Down proof” as it sounds rather better then feather proof but in reality the down clusters cannot push their way out.

For the Pure and Dry we use a breathable and waterproof fabric. We use the same fabric on the hood and foot of the Pure to resist the condensation found on tent walls and in snow holes.

Both these fabrics are a micro rip-stop MATT finished nylon.

You can find out more on the Toray Textiles Europe website.