Tundra Supalite Traveller Sleeping Bag

Posted 28 September 2022

This is a new Tundra Supalite Traveller Sleeping Bag conceived by Barry Cheadle from his canoeing Experience. He describes the process below and the bag is available at the standard price and normal delivery.… Find out more

Khaki Sleeping Bag

Posted 2 September 2022

We can now offer our PURE Sleeping Bags in KHAKI colour. One of the interesting features of Khaki is that in some light it looks green and in some light brown. At least both are earthy colours. To order… Find out more

Ten Steps to Bikepacking Heaven

Posted 23 April 2022

Alex Bergin is an experienced expedition leader and cycle guide. Below he shares a few tips that will hopefully prevent your dream bikepacking adventure from turning into a right royal pain in the arse… Find out more

Adventurer Charlie Walker Announces New Collaboration With Tundra Sleeping Bags:

Posted 30 January 2022

The admittedly-unusual job title of “adventurer” means that my exploits often land me in dangerous places or potentially lethal conditions where my life can depend on the equipment I carry. Over the… Find out more

Cold Camping: One of life’s most simple pleasures.

Posted 17 October 2021

Cold Camping Winter camping can be one of life’s most simple pleasures, as you enjoy the contrast of being snug and warm against the chill night air. It can also be bloody miserable. Seeing as any fool… Find out more

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