Logistics by Tundra

Posted 26 February 2021

The start of 2021 has seen confusion about supply and delivery of web orders and so we thought to throw a little light on how TUNDRA works. Tundra is a direct-to-consumer web site that for convenience… Find out more

Eight Great Wild Camping Tips

Posted 24 January 2021

With overseas travel options looking limited at best, we turn our eye to the UK’s often overlooked and always beautiful wild environments. As the only way to genuinely get ‘off grid’ in the UK, and… Find out more

Black Friday Sale - Simply Green Sleeping Bags

Posted 22 November 2020

The Simply Green range is designed specifically with Bushcraft enthusiasts and rescue teams in mind. This generous sized mummy bag is filled with highly effective, American made continuous filament synthetic… Find out more

Not Quite Bespoke but…

Posted 28 October 2020

Our sleeping bags are handmade and filled to order. Before you order your Tundra Sleeping Bag it doesn’t exist, it is just rolls of cloth and bags of down in our factory in Warsaw. Hand Made There are… Find out more

Ethical Down - Part 3 - (Exploring Waterproof Down)

Posted 1 August 2020

In Part Two we briefly mentioned “Waterproof” or Hydrophobic Down and here we add a little more background and detail. We first will discuss the history and background of this down and then the effects… Find out more

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