As One Door Closes Another One Opens

Posted 15 September 2020

We have all been suffering this virus and as the situation improves, we wanted to improve our offering. Now as the possibility of travelling opens, we need to have a greater selection of Sleeping bags… Find out more

Ethical Down - Part 3 - (Exploring Waterproof Down)

Posted 1 August 2020

In Part Two we briefly mentioned “Waterproof” or Hydrophobic Down and here we add a little more background and detail. We first will discuss the history and background of this down and then the effects… Find out more

Ethical Down Part 2

Posted 27 May 2020

In part one we discussed Fill Power and described the difference between the lower fill power of 400 and a fill mixture of 80/20 Down and feather compared to our high Fill Power down which is 96.3% Down… Find out more

Ethical Down Part 1

Posted 20 March 2020

The magical ingredient pictured above is a Down Cluster and in our -30 bags there are around 8.6 million of these ethically collected clusters – providing great warmth with a very low weight. The quality… Find out more

Cold Camping:  One of life’s most simple pleasures! (guest post #4 by Alex Bergin)

Posted 16 February 2020

Cold Camping Winter camping can be one of life’s most simple pleasures, as you enjoy the contrast of being snug and warm against the chill night air. It can also be bloody miserable. Seeing as any fool… Find out more

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