Springtime Specials

Posted 15 March 2018

As springtime creeps in through the ice and snow we thought it was time to bring a little sunshine into your world. We have few sleeping bags that we can sell at substantial discount (aka little cheaper).… Find out more

Zip Together in the Cold Weather (AKA January Offer)

Posted 7 January 2018

If anyone has any money left after Christmas we are making a special offer on the -20, -30 and -40 sleeping bags. We’re offering a 20% discount when you purchase two or more sleeping bags via our website… Find out more

Our Free Sleep Sox Offer is back. Purchase any winter down sleeping bag before 15th November…

Posted 5 October 2017

Purchase a winter down sleeping bag (a -20, -30 or -40 bag from our Pure, Pure & Dry and Expedition Standard ranges) and receive a free pair of Sleep Sox worth £55! As the nights draw in and the leaves… Find out more

VIDEO: Hands-on with Tundra Sleeping Bags Pure range

Posted 13 September 2017

We’re pleased to be able to share with you our first product video! Hands on with the Tundra Pure range of Ethical Down Sleeping Bags showcases the main features of the Tundra Pure, what its like to… Find out more

Are you travelling light this summer?

Posted 28 July 2017

Years ago people used to always go on holidays with big suitcases and stay in big hotels, sometimes overseas and sometimes in the UK. Many still do but, the younger generations started exploring Europe… Find out more

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