Posted 28 September 2022

This is a new Tundra Supalite Traveller Sleeping Bag conceived by Barry Cheadle from his canoeing Experience. He describes the process below and the bag is available at the standard price and normal delivery.

Tundra Supalite Traveller Sleeping Bag
Tundra Supalite Traveller Sleeping Bag

The Pure bags are also available in this colour. For more information email

The concept for this bag was born out of my experience on the Canoe Expedition Skills course with Paul Kirtley and Ray Goodwin. We were blessed with beautiful weather, but unfortunately, I found my three-season sleeping bag rather too warm, even when opened out and used as a quilt. There are plenty of lightweight summer sleeping bags on the market, but I was drawn to the Tundra Traveller because of its generous width. Sleeping bag dimensions are critical to comfort. Too narrow, and the bag feels constrictive, too wide and the bag is draughty, with cold spots. For the weight of the materials used, the Traveller is just right, comfortably warm without feeling tight. The standard Traveller bag has a left-hand zip, but I’ve always preferred a centre zip bag in a green/muted colour, so I contacted Chris at Tundra to see if this was possible. Chris confirmed that this was indeed possible, so my custom sleeping bag was to be made!

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the delivery and was delighted to find a small package waiting for me just a few weeks after placing the order. My first impression was of amazingly small size and lightweight. When first removed from the stuff sack, the bag seemed a little flat, but with a bit of shaking, it soon “fluffed up” to a reassuring thickness. Build quality is impeccable and because the Traveller uses top quality goose down, there’s absolutely no odour (unlike duck down bags). My custom Traveller has a very pleasant grey silky lining and wearing base layers, I found it easy to turn around in the bag without getting tangled up. The Traveller uses a traditional open-style hood opening in contrast to the modern “letterbox” opening of the other Tundra bags which are designed for colder temperatures. In use, my custom Traveller bag is just right for UK summer conditions. You might want a warmer bag in the mountains, but this is where the Pure range comes in. It also works brilliantly when opened out as a quilt, and the hood can be snuggled around the neck and shoulders. If I could make one change, it would be a slightly longer zip, although this could possibly compromise the warmth of the foot box, so this is a moot point. Unlike some sleeping bags which test your patience when packing away, it takes just over a minute to compress my Traveller into its stuff sack. It packs down slightly larger than a small loaf of bread and weighs little more than a pound. This is now my go-to bag for the summer months, and I’ve no doubt that with suitable base layers, you could extend the season. Highly recommended.

To order just order a Supalite Traveller and on the order form under shipping instructions add BROWN AND CENTRE ZIP and we will confirm by email