Trail Magazine June 2014
Graham Thompson
Page 3 (review)


This bag tips the scales at just 793g (838g with stuff sack), yet it also has some features not provided by heavier or higher-priced bags. The 860+ fill power down helps to limit the weight (some lower-priced bags don’t have this quality of insulation). The down is held in the box wall chambers inside, to reduce cold spots, but you don’t get the trapezoidal construction of some other bags, which is even better at reducing cold spots. However, a really big benefit of this bag is that there’s waterproof fabric at the foot and head to ensure the down doesn’t get wet from the in-tent condensation. the fabric itself is also very thin at just 25 gram per square metre, which is a benefit due to its light weight. The side zip extends to the lower calf area and has an excellent anti-snag strip on the inside to ensure it doesn’t ham in use. There’s a down filled baffle inside the zip that’s a good size but it isn’t as stiff as some others, so it may move away from the zip more readily than strafer options when you’re changing position inside the bag. The shoulder baffle is also a little thinner than some other bags but it does have a drawcord for adjustment. This bag has a -5 deg C temperature rating but it doesn’t feel quite as warm as some other bags here with similar ratings, although this may be because heavier bags just feel a little cosier.


The big advantage of the Tundra Pure -5 is the weight. For this price it’s outstanding, and ideal for anyone wishing to travel light and save cash.

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