The Tundra sleeping bags and garments are made in Warsaw, Poland so we thought a little background of how we get them to the United States would be helpful.

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Why Poland?

Well, Poland has a very long tradition of making down products, comforters first then sleeping bags and parkas. It also has a tradition of producing very high quality down from the geese they farm and these two combine to result in some of the best down products available.

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How we ship to the US

The fastest way we have found is to ship the product to our hub near Manchester Airport in the UK and then send it by insured, tracked airmail parcel service by Royal Mail. On despatch you will be sent a tracking number as proof of shipping and you can than track your parcel at From placing the order it takes about two weeks for delivery.

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As we are based in the UK our prices are listed in UK Pounds Sterling (£) including sales tax (VAT) that we must charge to most countries in Europe. When buying from the US we do not charge VAT on the order, however we do charge a fee for delivery, delivery insurance and tracking.

If you add a sleeping bag to your basket and then select United States as your country for delivery you will see the price to pay including delivery but exclusive of UK sales tax which will not be charged. Please contact us for a quote if you are unsure.

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How to pay

You can browse our website for the right model and add it directly to your basket. At the Shopping Basket select United States as your delivery country. UK sales tax will be removed from your order and the correct delivery rate will be calculated. You can then proceed with your order through our secure checkout process.

We use PayPal to process credit and debit cards. If you already have a PayPal account you can simply log in to your account (when required), however a PayPal account is not required to pay for your order. As we are UK based our website checkout will process the amount in UK Pounds Sterling, however PayPal will show you the exact amount in United States Dollars you will be charged before you complete your order. Payments processed through PayPal are very secure.

If you would prefer to you can also send the funds direct to our bank account

Please contact if you would like to do this or if you have any questions.

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Specials & Women’s Sizes

The standard bag (195) has a left-hand zipper (that is on the left hand side for someone laid on their back - therefore easier to operate for a right handed person) and is made for someone up to 195 cm tall.

Sleeping bags can be made 180 cm (for women or weight conscious men) or 215 long (to have extra space in the foot area to keep boots or batteries unfrozen in the Arctic).

Bags can also be left or right handed so they can be zipped together and, as all the zippers are the same, you can zip any model or any length together.

For any special needs or further information you should contact us at

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