Sizes are measured in inches around knuckles. This size chart applies to both the Tundra Mitts and Mountain Mitts.

Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
Measurement (inches) 7-8 9 10 11

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Sleep Sox & Hut Boots

Sleep Sox and Hut Boot fitting
Sleep Sox and Hut Boot fitting

The main objective of both these items is to keep your feet warm. To achieve that they are made from a double construction and down filled. This means they are not a tight fit just as the outer of a Duvet Jacket is not tight because you need to keep an air layer trapped in the down to keep the feet warm The inner boot or sox is smaller than the outer and the down filling is quite slippy so you do not have a tight fit and your foot is free to move around.

The Boot or Sox are not meant to be tight fitting like their namesake but to keep your feet warm like a duvet.

Perhaps it is helpful to think about gloves and mittens. Gloves are close fitting and provide protection for the hands whereas Mittens are loose fitting and provide warmth for the hands.

We should think of Sleep Sox or Hut Boots and mittens for the feet!

Unlike regular sox, the Sleep Sox are not meant for walking about but are meant to be worn next to the skin and intended for use inside the tent

The Hut Boots are a little tougher with a heavy duty nylon sole and rand designed for the rough floors of Mountain huts and just outside them but not for walking any distance,

Both products are designed to keep the feet warm and not for walking which explains the roomy duvet like fit. Many people use the Sleep Sox for extra foot warmth when inside the sleeping bag.

Size Extra Small Small / Medium Medium / Large Extra Large
Euro 35-37 38-40 41-44 45+

These sizes are an indication only as the product is loose fitting like a duvet, not tight like a sock.

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Arctic Jacket

​Chest measurements

Chest (inches) 36 38 40 42 44 46

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Tundra Logo Tee sizes

Size S M L XL
Chest (inches) 39.5 42 44 47

Men’s/Unisex classic jersey T-Shirt fitting

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